Kaim Crendraven

Spirit Shaman of the reclusive Nouvean Tora tribe


Kaim tends to distance himself from other members in order to contemplate his life-long quandary in silence and isolation. When others talk and drink together, he observes the stars, the winds, and the movement of animals, the waves of the water, the sway of the grass, the weave of life and death itself. Kaim despite the augurious nature of his craft is of powerful build with dark and well toned musculature as his craft requires him to be exceptionally healthy. This health, in his mind, is required for the Journey more than pursuits of the mind. When the party enters a conformation of civilized society, Kaim usually takes the rear in contemplative silence offering spiritual guidance as needed.



There are few in Nouveau with an affinity for the incorporeal.

Those that do can feel a tenable spiritual pull of the Mountainous Tora people. Those few who would find it in them to become Shamans embark on a dangerous pilgrimage deep into he mountain forests usually without regard for their own wellbeing. None of the Tora Shamans were indigenous to the region and are composed of people of all walks of life and races. Each with a common calling to connect with the spirits of their ancestors and eventually to share that knowledge with others of their tribe. Their crafts are the direct result of centuries of Ancestral worship and their personal devotion, placing their bodies in the hands of Great Spiritual beings who in turn empower them with magical abilities. This primal knowledge of is not innate, nor does it come easy, and the attunement to the spirit realm is a process both rapturous and baleful. The teachings of the ancestors, the trees, the water, the stone, the sun, the moon, beast and man are not treated lightly, and many have succumbed in their quest for this power. The Tora’s ancient, primitive craft of shamanism rewards those who are true of character and commit themselves to the spiritual journey. Kaim is one such Shaman, entrusted with the task of investigating a great disturbance to the spiritual world in the unknown lands of Yanon.


Kaim’s Purpose in relation to the party: Most Elder Tora shamans are a reclusive breed, and therefore have little need to adventure. However, prior to becoming an elder member of the tribe each member first carries out their spiritual task; a spiritual journey that often takes a lifetime. The most accomplished Shamans who stand the test of time and nature return to the tribe as an old man or woman, relegating their wisdom to the young. Before this time, however, Tora shamans travel the world high and low. They adventure to right the wrongs threatening the spiritual world maybe joining a party that they feel allows them to commit to this journey.

Kaim Crendraven

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