World Q & A

Here is a collection of my answers to questions people have asked me about the setting.

Q: How big is Navalle? Does it cover the entire mainland?

A: Navalle is a large kingdom, but not the largest or the most powerful. Its influence comes mainly from being a mercantile and trading power. It is ruled by a royal family and hereditary nobility- the current ruler is Queen Fiola. There’s more social mobility than your typical aristocracy, though: noble titles are often bought by wealthy merchants and sold by impoverished nobles. Navalle’s greatest rival is the nearby nation of Kvos. Tensions with Kvos are the main reason Navalle hasn’t sent soldiers or warships to help settle and secure Yonon.

Q: Are there airships?

A: No. It’s important to me that overland and sea travel are dangerous necessities. I’m not totally averse to including other steampunk-y elements if there’s something you’re excited about having in the world, but we can talk about it on a case-by-case basis. (And this doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a method of air travel to be discovered somewhere in Yonon…)

Q: If my character sheet says I start with a bow and arrows, can my character start with a firearm instead?

A: Yes. Dungeon World doesn’t make a very big deal about weapon statistics, so a gun will work more or less the same as a bow in terms of the game’s mechanics, but it’ll have all the narrative advantages and disadvantages you might imagine an early firearm would have compared to a bow.
(If you want more detail, a matchlock musket would have the tags Near, Far, Reload, and 1 Piercing. A pistol would lose the Far tag, while a blunderbuss would replace Far and 1 Piercing with Forceful and Messy. Weapon tags are mostly descriptive, rather than having a specific impact on the game rules.)

Q: What do Navalan names sound like?

A: I’ve tried to draw from Romance languages for the general sound and style of Navalan names and words, mostly Spanish, Italian, and Latin. But because Navalle is such a major trading hub for the mainland, a wide variety of cultures and peoples are represented there – so don’t worry if your name doesn’t sound like any of those.

Also, you might have noticed that the places discovered in Yonon so far have very optimistic-sounding names. The first colonists were full of enthusiasm for the wealth and fortune they hoped to find in Yonon, so they went around giving places names like Fort Prosperity and the Endeavor Mountains as a reflection of that excitement.

World Q & A

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