Getting Started

After a long sea voyage, you’ve finally arrived at New Madro, the farthest outpost of civilization on the shores of the distant continent of Yonon. Few who have set out to explore this land have returned alive, but those who have come back brought stories of ancient ruins, terrible beasts, and unimaginable riches awaiting plunder. Are you a treasure hunter, out to recover the wealth and secrets of the Poet-Kings who ruled this land long ago? An explorer, aiming to place your name on the map and in the history books? Or are you searching for someone who disappeared with the lost colony at Fort Prosperity years ago? Whatever your reasons for coming here, they’ve drawn you from the order and comfort of civilization… to the Uncharted Lands of Yonon.

Welcome to Yonon! This campaign will be about exploring an open-ended fantasy setting. There won’t be a large overarching story or mysterious old men giving you quests. Instead, you’ll have a vast and dangerous new land to explore and discover the secrets of. The adventures will be player-directed: I’ll offer you rumors and clues you hear from the colonists in New Madro, but it’s up to you to plan where you want to go and what you want to do. You might say “Is anyone else free to check out what’s on the other side of the Golden Marsh next Sunday?”, or “The four of us have a plan to take down the giant in the Clouded Pass that the others had to run away from last week. When can we get together to do that?”

Our game will use the Dungeon World system, a simple set of rules that emphasizes players driving the story and dice rolls always moving the action forward. If you want to read more about the rules, you can find them here. However, we will be using a few variant rules for wilderness travel, hirelings, and bonds. It’s not important for you to know all the rules before your first game. Dungeon World is a simple enough system that it will be easy enough to learn as you play.

If you’d like to learn more about the setting, check out A Brief History of Yonon and Other Setting Information. Or if you’d like to jump straight into making your character, you can do that at Character Creation.

In addition to this site, we also have a Google Groups forum for making plans and communicating outside of games. Contact me if you need an invitation.

Getting Started

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