A Brief History of Yonon

The earliest anyone heard of Yonon was when the Yoon people came from across the sea in their song-ships, bringing with them the knowledge of metalworking, architecture, and writing. Some historians and archaeologists see them as benefactors and bringers of civilization, while others hold that they were conquerors and tyrants. Only conflicting oral histories have survived from this period, so the true nature of the Yoon has been a perennial subject of debate for scholars.

There are a few facts about the Yoon that are widely held to be true. The Yoon are said to have owed allegiance to rulers who they called Poet-Kings, in a land called Yonon across the western ocean. They supposedly valued art and beauty above all else. And they left suddenly, taking everything with them, leaving only the magnificent, emptied-out structures they built.

Fifteen years ago, a group of zealous Sunset Walkers, who had set out to find their god beyond the western ocean or to die a martyr’s death seeking him, returned to Navalle, bringing stories of a far-off land littered with ruined Yoon structures and streams where one could reach in a hand and pull out flakes of gold.

Stories of a promised land filled with gold and ancient secrets caught the interest of more than just religious fanatics, and the first wave of colonists quickly set out for Yonon. They established the port of New Madro, named after the capital of Navalle, and set up Fort Prosperity upriver from the fort, at a site that promised great mineral wealth. While the Sunset Walkers’ stories of gold floating in the streams turned out to be exaggerated, the colony still brought reasonable profits back to Navalle.

Then, four years ago, Fort Prosperity disappeared. Or more precisely, the people in it disappeared. Over four thousand men, women, and a few children vanished within the space of two days, from when the last barge left the fort and the next one arrived to discover it emptied. No bodies were found. The terror that ensued left New Madro mostly depopulated as well, as panicked colonists decided they were better off returning to the mainland.

Now interest in Yonon is slowly starting to pick back up again in Navalle. The promises of discovery and treasure have brought adventurers like yourselves to make the trip across the sea to Yonon. Only time will tell what you’ll find there.

A Brief History of Yonon

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