New Madro

New Madro, named after the capital city of Navalle, is currently the largest settlement in Yonon, with a population of approximately 600. Situated at the mouth of the River of Good Fortune in the Golden Marsh, it is the port for all shipping between Yonon and the mainland. It used to be a significantly larger settlement before the incident at Fort Prosperity led to many of the colonists returning to Navalle.

There are enough empty shacks and dwellings left abandoned by colonists who have left that player characters shouldn’t have any trouble finding a place to stay. Alternatively, those who prefer a bit more comfort might have taken rooms at the Wealthy Crocodile, the settlement’s tavern and gathering-place.

New Madro’s security consists of the Watch, which has about two dozen members. Their role is to warn the populace of external threats and to organize a militia if needed. Crime and civil disputes are typically settled within the community.

The largest building in New Madro is the Mission, which houses both Sunset Walkers and clergy of other religious orders who have come to Yonon to spread the teachings of the gods of Navalle to the local people. Much to the disappointment of those clerics, no local people have been found so far.

Notable People

Governor Vidrus, head of the colony and cousin to the royal family of Navalle

Pridia Vidrus, daughter to the governor, harbormaster, and head of the Yonon Trading Company

Istin Savas, historian, wizard, and expert on the Yoon civilization

Mago, proprietor of the Wealthy Crocodile and retired adventurer

Grigas, head of the Watch

Naphas Lucta, chief priest of the Sunset Walkers at the Mission

Biarca, blacksmith and craftswoman interested in giant beetles

Vosco, pious colonist skeptical of adventurers

Located in Region

Golden Marsh

New Madro

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