Leads and Rumors

Here is a list of some rumors and leads that have come up over the course of the party’s adventures. If you’re creating a new character, it might also help give you some ideas for the rumors you’ll be coming up with when you create your character.

The Leviathan of Hanul continues to threaten shipping lanes to the mainland, destroying all it comes across in Queen Fiola’s Bay. The Leviathan seeks an artifact that was stolen from the submerged city of Hanul, supposedly by the infamous wizard Auden Vecru. It has been discovered that the Leviathan has a vulnerability to mercury, but the only known location of a large amount of mercury is deep within the Brimstone Wastes, far from the sea.

The Kvosan pirate base to the north of Queen Fiola’s Bay has been burned and thrown into disarray. There are rumors of a schism within the pirates, with some of them traveling inland, in pursuit of an unknown goal.

Rumor has it that Grigas, the head of the Watch in New Madro, lost his voice and his ability to write after he escaped from his capture by the troublesome Echomen. He has offered to lead the group to the place where the Echomen took him, but (with his limited ability to communicate) tried to warn that the Echomen there were very numerous. The party has discovered that eating the flesh of the Echomen can grant the ability to understand and speak countless languages – but does this come at a cost?

In the plains to the far side of the Endeavor Mountains, the party encountered the Wetu, an ancient race of mummified women. Some of the Wetu travel the plains hunting the colossal beasts that reside there; meanwhile, a rival group of Wetu in the Glass Desert to the south live illusory lives on the far side of the mirrors in the ruined city of Iretan.

The pious Sunset Walkers haven’t found a route past the Endeavor Mountains in the west yet. Their leader in New Madro, Naphas Lucta, would surely reward anyone who found a relatively safe route for them to continue their journey westward.

The infamous wizard Auden Vecru has claimed many of Yonon’s ancient relics for himself. A mysterious sign was posted in New Madro, offering to hire adventures for “an acquisition” at a location near Vecru’s tower, high in the Endeavor Mountains. Will the party discover and thwart his plans? Or will the opportunity to win some of House Vecru’s storied wealth lead the party to consider working for the wizard?

Recently, the party discovered two openings to a shadowy realm where only music and those performing it are visible. They used the realm as a shortcut to travel from Iretan to New Madro, but what other secrets does that place hide? And who was the madwoman in Iretan who taught them the song that opened the gate to that place, or her similarly-dressed compatriots the party saw as they traversed the darkness?

The party took a box from the center of Fort Prosperity that radiated some sort of cruel magical power, and discovered the box carried the fort’s aura of nightmares with it before they buried it north of New Madro. But the nightmares near the fort persist, and recently John the friendly worm-creature spoke of a feeling that the air was changing around the fort.

The Golden Marsh used to be full of snakes. But recently they’ve been seen less and less often around New Madro, and the snakes that have been sighted have all seemed to be migrating in the same direction, toward a point deep in the swamp. When Tri took the form of a snake, she heard a song that gave her a nearly irresistible compulsion to move southward, towards that unknown point.

Some of the earlier colonists say that there is a star in the night sky that can only be seen from the peak of Mt. Enterprise, the tallest of the Endeavor Mountains. But others say it’s not a star at all, but a light from some distant structure that towers over even Mt. Enterprise.

The Navalan prison colony of Destierro, located to the south of New Madro, was found to be devastated by the Leviathan’s crystal disease and incursions by the Echomen and the sea-folk. Most of the survivors of the prisoners and guards alike have been rescued and taken to New Madro, where both are regarded warily by each other and the rest of the community. But is there any hope left for the crystal-maddened survivors of the Leviathan’s plague, who remain in the ruined colony?

Ecra, an alcoholic farmer who lost her family in Fort Prosperity, has been telling a wild story: She says she saw an old acquaintance, a candlemaker who was thought to have disappeared in the fort, looking around outside her farm. When she approached him and called out, he ran back into the swamp, and when she tried to follow, she either tripped and fell or passed out (depending on how she tells the story). No one really seems to believe her, and the general consensus around town is that Ecra has discovered that smoking too much of the mind-numbing local plant life can have hallucinogenic effects.

A group of sailors who set out to chart the coastline of the Brimstone Wastes to the south have returned telling stories of being watched from the shore by people who appeared to be made of living stone.

At the southern end of the Endeavor Mountains, the party discovered a forest of broken trees, all bent and shattered as if by some colossal force. The mourning nature spirit the party met offered only vague answers. What caused this calamity? Is it a power that might be put toward a more productive use?

Leads and Rumors

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