Diary of Jortigo, Auden Vecru's Servant

Here is the information about Auden Vecru and his tower that you were able to learn from Jortigo’s diary:

Jortigo has a wife and several children who also help out around the tower. His wife’s name is Anar, but none of his childrens’ names are mentioned in the journal.

Other people or creatures mentioned in the journal:
Luana and Vandri, two pets of some sort. Jortigo was worried about Luana eating Vandri.
Lady Minsu of the Silver Lake, a frequent guest of Vecru’s.
Korgu, some sort of bound supernatural being. He makes Jortigo a little uncomfortable.
The Decapitantes, several people or creatures who are present in the tower but don’t sound like they do very much. (According to Jortigo’s written complaints, anyways.)

The two places in the tower Jortigo writes specifically about are the ones that he hates to clean: the “pool room”, and the “wind stone room”.

Unfortunately, there’s no information in the diary about what Vecru is actually working on: it seems that there are some rooms in the tower where he doesn’t let Jortigo into very often, if at all.

It is also clear from the journal that the bitterness and mild paranoia you saw in Jortigo in the ancient tunnels represent his typical state of mind.

Diary of Jortigo, Auden Vecru's Servant

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