Uncharted Lands of Yonon

Placeholder Adventure Log for 9/3

Babies aren't usually poisonous

Lya (Erin), Nessa (David), and Silvertongue (Jay) spent some time buying supplies in town and preparing for their next expedition. Pridia Vidrus, the harbormaster, agreed to give the party the canoe they had used before in appreciation of their efforts in making the beaver dam passable. Nessa asked the craftswoman Biarca about getting some special ammunition, and Biarca said she could make some explosive shot if the party got her some sulfur from the Brimstone Wastes to the south of the marsh.

The party set out to discover the fate of the other two members of Grice’s adventuring party, the dwarf wizard Tovan and the human knight Agles. Grice was separated from them in a Yoon ruin beyond a giant carnivorous plant.

A short distance along the river outside of town, the party crossed paths with a group of lumberjacks from New Madro. The lumberjacks offered some tips on local plant life, and the party hired a young lumberjack, Zonan, to accompany the party on their expedition.

After a brief visit with the halfling necromancer Stiris, the party reached the area where they had seen the sign marking the carnivorous plant. After avoiding a swarm of giant mosquitoes, they were able to maneuver around the plant and reach a large, domed structure that seemed to be the Yoon ruin that Grice told them about.

After the front doors of the dome were discovered to be trapped, the party created their own entrance around the side of the structure, using an improvised battering ram on a weak point in the wall. Inside, they discovered a dark maze of labyrinthine walls with a large open space above, with a flat ceiling below the top of the dome. Every wall and floor surface was covered in small, simple carvings of human faces. An examination by Silvertongue revealed that many of these faces triggered traps, as Grice had warned. The dome was also discovered to be inhabited by creatures who resembled large centipedes with the faces of human infants and hundreds of tiny infant hands instead of feet. These creatures would hide in the darkness, using crossbows to attack the party from trapdoors in the floor and holes in the ceiling.

Some distance inside the dome, the party discovered Tovan’s corpse, impaled by a spear trap, and Agles, still alive and half-starved at the bottom of a pit. The party was able to rescue Agles from the pit, and she promised them a great treasure if they brought her back to New Madro.

When Nessa tried climbing on top of the walls of the labyrinth to get a better view, a mechanism caused the flat ceiling above to begin to lower, allowing Nessa to climb above through one of the creatures’ firing holes. Nessa and Lya fought with several of the creatures above while Silvertongue led Zonan and Agles out of the ruin, avoiding several more traps along the way. A brief interrogation with one of the creatures revealed that it could understand and speak Navalan, and said that the party “wore the faces of the Masters, but didn’t know their songs.” Nessa and Lya also discovered that a map was inscribed on the ceiling of the dome. The map showed the region surrounding the Golden Marsh, with several locations marked: the dome where they currently were; a tower in the mountains to the north; a city in the middle of the bay; and what appeared to be a flying city above the southern mountains.

After everyone had escaped from the dome, the party returned to their canoe and made camp. The next morning, Lya caught sight of a dried human foot sticking out of a nearby bog. After a bit of digging, the party uncovered a semi-preserved human corpse, which began to move and started speaking to the party in an unknown language when it caught sight of Lya’s stone amulet. The bog mummy seemed to be friendly, and the party followed it to the west for some distance before Lya showed it the second, gold amulet she found in Fort Prosperity. The sight of this seemed to infuriate the mummy, and it responded by slapping Lya, taking her stone amulet, and shouting angrily at the party when they tried to continue to follow it. The party decided to head back to town with the injured Agles while Nessa’s raven Shiv followed the mummy for two more days to see where it headed.

After returning to town, the party asked Istin Savas, the scholar of the Yoon, about the creatures in the dome, the map, and the bog mummy. Savas said that the centipede-baby creatures were crafted by the Yoon to serve as builders and laborers, and were referred to as Artisans in Yoon texts. From the map, Savas recognized the city in the center of the bay as one the Yoon called Hanul, but didn’t know more about it beyond the fact that it was an underwater city. And when asked about the bog mummy, Savas thought it might be one of the Wetu people, whom the Yoon described as deathless enemies.

After some time, Shiv returned, with the news that the mummy had headed to the west through a pass in the mountains, and was able to tell the party where that pass was located.



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