Uncharted Lands of Yonon

Journal of Cyros

Paladin in the service of Osoni, The God of the Far Horizon

My arrival in Yonon was greeted by a crowd looking for news of the mainland. After speaking of Navalle’s steady loss of land and the potential death of Osoni, I chose to retire at the inn where I met two… very strange men. They went by the names Kaim and Dante, and spoke of an illness that had tainted the area. Clearly what I had been told was true and Yonon is a chaotic land. I agreed to help them rid the disease from a local blacksmith. Kaim managed to stop the spread of the disease and we learned from Belian the Alchemist that mercury seemed to be effective at treating the disease, but could only be found in the Brimstone Waste. My companions’ odd friendship with a rather inebriated captain made it possible for us to sail south without any problems. The very first night spent camping on the beach we were approached by an animated statue made of marble. The remarkable marble man couldn’t speak but by drawing symbols and gesturing we managed to get him to show us the way. Halfway to the mercury pools we indicated there were more beings like him in a different directions and we parted ways, well he pretty much just walked off. The brimstone wastes are a desolate land full of geysers, roving clouds of poisonous fog, orbs of fire with multiple eyes, and giant crabs. We found the mercury and an ancient tomb where Dante found a strange lantern.

We returned to New Madro by land, hoping to find a new passage way for the Sunset Walkers. We made it through but not without being attacked by giant crabs and finding a forest completely destroyed with a very, very angry nymph. Needless to say it’s not a very safe road to travel.



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