"Nessa" Neisara

An elf scout with a raven companion. David's character.


Nessa is an amber skinned elf with numerous scars, unkempt dark hair, and a matching raven companion. She can’t stand holding still and fidgets constantly if forced to.

Nessa is interested in, in order of priority:
AHeading into Queen Fiola’s Bay
Finding the disappearing ships.
BThe mystery of Fort Prosperity
This includes finding Istin Savas’s predecessor’s notes.
CThe Echomen
And what they did to Grigas.
DGoing beyond the Endeavor Mountains
This includes finding a route for the Sunset Walkers.

Nessa is currently looking to work as a guide with anyone headed towards Fort Prosperity or into Queen Fiola’s Bay. She’s willing to work for payment or for her fair share alongside other explorers.


Nessa came from a wealthy but impersonal family that she abandoned to make her own life. Interested in the wilderness from a young age, she was a wanderer and guide before joining a crew headed for Yonon.

"Nessa" Neisara

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