Uncharted Lands of Yonon

Wizards and Pirates and Leviathans Oh My

or Her Equally Useless Lover

Ships came in that were attacked by pirates on the way in, apparently in small boats. Fritigern healed some hurt sailors. A carpenter, astrologist, and doctor arrived with this crew.

Fritigern, Tri, and I headed up the coast in Morning Blossom, the sailboat we confiscated from the outlaws. Ran into a small shark before coming across some Varuna, the seafolk of the bay. Tri communicated in her druidic ways and learned that:

A human, in a sphere, who destroyed those varuna who came close, took something from Hanul about a year ago, and this supposedly caused the crystal disease.

Fog rolled in, so we set down on a sandbar on a cliffside to wait the night. Giant crabs attacked during the night, and the fight got worse before it got better, though I recovered a sturdy shell plate from the heftiest crab.

The next morning Fritigern talked to the skull of Tovan I’d been lugging around. He seems innocent, reasonable, and quite dead. Tri spotted a massive white form in the water. A whale? I climbed up the cliff to survey the area, and spotted another ruined lighthouse not far north.

We discovered that Lya had been asleep in the boat, tired from training the previous days. We trekked to the lighthouse ruin, and from it spotted a stray pig wandering about. Some massive hermit crab was approaching the lighthouse, so we nabbed the pig and headed back to our boat.

Pig had a map tattooed on its belly pointing at a point on the north edge of the bay. Decided to head there after restocking back in town.

On the way back we found a defensible hollow in a cliffside along the bay, and near it, a small wrecked ship holding two bodies, both human women. Dead body atop the cliffside next to the wreck, covered in suction-cup tentacle marks. Fritigern talked to the bodies, learned that “Ivor is the key” and… honestly I was drifting off and slept in the boat. Someone fill this in.

A ghost ship appeared on the horizon. Tri investigated and I sent Shiv behind. We fled. Back in town we learned about Auden Vecru’s “Sphere of Force”, a spell that could possibly explain the sphere of Hanul’s robber. The white form Tri saw is likely “The Leviathan of Hanul”.

We set out to follow Ivor, the pig’s, map, tracing the inside edge of the bay in Morning Blossom. We cut across the bay to avoid trouble on the way over and managed to arrive safely at the X marked on the map. Someone had beaten us there; the pirate crew that had assaulted the recently arrived ship. We spied on the pirates digging up a huge hole, biding our time, as we held the supposed key. They removed a large box with strange markings and no clear opening from the hole, and fortunately seemed unable to open it.

Night fell and we trailed the pirates to a a camp on the edge of a river, while we formulated a plan. Tri set their boats loose while Shiv distracted a few by imitating the sound of a pig. We rushed in on the scattered camp, Fritigern instilling magical fear and Lya commanding Wargrim to scare off the closest guards. A swift combination of shots, druidic transformation, and strangling disabled the remaining pirates. We loaded the box onto the remaining river boat and rushed downstream, passing a few of their crew trying to catch the other boats.

After a arduous float along the bay, we arrived back at Morning Blossom, and used Ivor’s blood to open the box. It contained fanciful Yoon artifacts: A sash, dress, and ottoman.



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