Uncharted Lands of Yonon

Secrets and Familiar Faces

For this expedition, Lya was joined by two new companions, Shubaktu and Dante, who had just arrived from the mainland and wanted to pursue a rumor of treasure to be found in the Endeavor Mountains. The group set off up the River of Good Fortune, and partway through their first day of travel saw a face familiar to Lya by the side of the river: Marilo the Blasphemer was doing some fishing, and when he saw Lya he was anxious to hear what had become of the rest of the party, particularly Fritigern. Ignoring the crazed cultist, the party continued on, and spent the evening doing some big-game hunting in the environs of the beaver dam.

On the following day, Shubaktu spotted by the side of the river a small group of Echomen wearing the clothes and equipment of an adventuring party. After dispatching the Echomen and attempting to interrogate one, the party was able to follow their tracks to a small Yoon crypt, which contained the remains of what were presumably the adventurers that the Echomen had taken the clothes from. Even though one of the Echomen had a saddle, there was no sign of a horse’s remains. The tomb also held an urn full of ashes that appeared to be of Yoon origin. The urn also contained a stone that emitted a song when held, which Dante took in hope of finding a buyer for it in New Madro.

That night, while Shubaktu stood watch, a humanoid figure approached the camp with a face identical to hers. This person or creature introduced itself as Bon, and offered to trade trinkets for gold or secrets for secrets. Dante and Lya made several deals, and Bon seemed to leave satisfied, saying that she (it?) would find the party again when they needed her services.

The following day, the two newcomers were curious to see the interior of Fort Prosperity, despite the stories of its horrors. Inside the fort, the party was nearly overwhelmed by a swarm of Echomen, but eventually managed to overcome them, with some help from a pair of Sunset Walker priests. The two priests said that they had managed to reclaim a small area within the fort, and had created a sanctuary that evil spirits could not cross and protected those within from the fort’s nightmares.

The party agreed to spend a day helping the priests expand their sanctuary in exchange for healing and an enchanted scroll. They were soon drawn into combat with a pair of creatures that looked like obese men with large, beating anatomical hearts instead of heads. Shubaktu was burned by the corrosive blood of one of the creatures, but then, when she was grabbed by the other and couldn’t avoid inhaling some of the creature’s blood, she was surprised to find herself healed and feeling better than ever. After defeating the creatures, the party upheld their end of the bargain with the Sunset Walkers and stayed at their sanctuary for the night.



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