Uncharted Lands of Yonon

Chronicle of Kaim

You Make Good Noises

Chronicle of Kaim, Spirit Shaman of the reclusive Nouvean Tora tribe


Under the guise of a prospector, Kaim arrives in Yonon in search of the spiritual disturbances reported from his tribal leaders. Being fully adorned in tribal wear, Kaim immediately stood out among the many residents that traversed about the port town of New Madro. Immediately deciding not to tarry too long, Kaim gathers what provisions he can from seaside markets and departs west deeper into the countryside. Upon consulting nearby spirits, he learns a brief history of the lands and its people, and learns the location of the disappearances further inland. The ancestors were unable to provide any details but this definitely was the location of the disappearances.
Using the spirits as a guide, Kaim travels across the lands narrowly avoiding most dangers by traveling during peak visibility and heeding warnings as they appear. Many weeks into his journey he finds himself lost, the aid of the spirits skewed due to his proximity to the greatest spiritual upheaval he’s ever felt. Overwhelmed with goosebumps, he decides to let himself get sidetracked. He had heard of rich ores in the mines not far from the disturbance and starts off in that direction.

First entry- “You Make Good Noises”

The party is joined by a new companion this week. Kaim the Shaman joins the group after concluding their most recent forays into abstract thespianism. Stumbling out of a poison-filled secret passage, the group decides to welcome the stranger when they learn of his spiritual past and potential use as a spirit guide. Kaim greets Lya, Nessa, Fritigern, Tri, and their Butler/Servant/Slave and animal companions in kind. Kaim happily offers his assistance as he learns the group also looks to learn of the regions disappearances.

Following the surprise introductions, the group decides to explore deeper into the mine shafts eventually running into the corpse of a quite literally ‘fallen’ explorer. Calling upon the unholy power of his Death God Fritigern peers into the incorporeal realm and consults the fallen explorers spirit in order to discern its past and means of death. Upon doing so, the group learns that, similar to them, the explorer had traveled deep into the mountain for rumors of ancient artifacts. In her haste unfortunately she had misjudged the footing of the passage and fell to her death, leaving her mountain gear about her body.

Thanking her for her information, the group decide to set up a potential escape route in case the need arose, while Kaim performed the Spirit Release rites on the adventurer’s spirit. Tri transforms into bird form and manages to secure the rope at the top of the passage, while Nessa climbed the rope and secured it in place with metal stakes. Halfway up this passage it was noted that gravity completely shifted so that one could walk along the wall as if they were on ground. Also upon reaching top a great staircase could be found. Tri, with her gift of speaking to the land consulted the steps upon which she walked about this gravitational disturbance, but couldn’t gather much information besides it is an unnatural force.

With the escape route secure, the group continues onward deeper into the mines. Kaim senses a void straight a head that blocks out the use of his ancestral spirits. He tries to consult his ancestor of the land and creatures, Kyle but fails, leading him to bear a 5 hour scolding on his lack of inebriation via medicinal herb a.k.a lack of being 420 blazed to oblivion. Deciding to continue forth the group discovers a large dome shaped room with many mirrors stripped from the walls and strewn about the sides of the room. It turns out this room was the same room in Fritigerns earlier vision, a vision that indicated his God of Death had dealings here. A small man worked inside chipping away the remaining mirrors.
Initially hostile, the man demanded the adventurers leave as they were disturbing his work. He held an armed pistol aloft ready to fire at any provocation. Kaim steps in trying to calm the man while Tri had transformed into cat form to sneak around. The man wise to their tricks to a shot at Tree with a thunderous roar of the gun, the projectile hitting its mark but to no serious degree. The discharge prompted Fritigern into action. Hurling himself upon the man he raised his heavy mace and crushed the man’s right hand sending his weapon skittering across the floor. In vain the man tried grasping at something within his bag but before any more damage could be done a face familiar to all but Kaim arrived.

Auden Vecru

The master wizard appeared as if out of thin air not too far from the group. His mood changing to a scowl upon eyeing the current situation. Auden was terse with his treatment of the man named Jortigo that we just assaulted. Questioning on his failure to keep us out and blaming him for the loss of his hand. With a wave he sent magic coursing through the mans hand making it regrow albeit in a twisted state for use in continuing his work. Work he also insisted we partake in, lest we be forced to leave. With a bit of ingenious persuasion on behalf of Tri, Auden had agreed to let her assist while the rest of the group left to come up with a plan.

It was eventually surmised that a distraction be made while Tri steals a mirror to hopefully prevent whatever nefarious plan Auden was up to. With a great heave, Fritigern ignited the wall of the cavern prompting Kaim, Lyasana, and Nessa to join in mock escape. Seeing the distraction, Tri deftly stole away a piece while pretending to assist Jortigo. In the confusion the group escaped together back to the paths from whence they came.
Reveling in the plans success, shortly the group decided to head down a nearby passage they had bypassed before. This passage led to a narrow stair case that decreased in gravity the further up the group went. Upon reaching the top the group discovers a massive open room depicting a giant three dimensional heliocentric display of the solar system. Except for the sole fact that the sun was an actual giant fireball that pulled Nessa off her feet and towards its center. With deft skill and lots of luck Nessa grabbed hold of a nearby orbiting planet biting into its side with the spikes of her shoes.
At this time that the party notices a swirling purple mass in a nearby corner of the room. Kaim manages to get close enough to interact but upon gazing directly upon its form is struck dead in the face with a crackling lightning bolt. The blast singes his mask completely black and would have melted his face if not for the additional protection. Nevertheless, he survived, while greatly wounded from the encounter. Using the attack as a chance, Kaim discerned the mass was actually a spirit in distress and successfully managed to calm the spirit. Offering it solace beyond the black gates where no one would look at it directly and make it feel anxious and self conscious. The spirit accepted and disappeared following the Spirit Release rites.

As soon as the spirit disappeared, the room began to tremble- gravity had returned to normal and many of the planets fell to the ground in great cracks as stone met stone shattering the ground beneath it in a tumultuous resonance of earth. Nessa, still clutching the side of a moon, jumped for safety and managed to roll out from underneath certain death in a nick of time as a planet fell in the spot she landed moments later. Before anyone could celebrate everyone noticed the center sun had become a giant stone and was threatening to crash down into the center of the room. It was massive and such a crash could only prove disastrous for anyone still left around. With that the group made a mad dash to the exit making it just in time before a thunderous roar engulfed them all.

With nowhere else to go the group leaves back up the previously devised escape route which turned out to lead back into the outside world on the other side of the mountain chain. Tired, battered, and dirt covered the group looks to make camp when Tri sees what seems to be a giant beetle out in the distance. With her mind made up she takes flight towards the beetle while the group moves to make camp at a nearby river.
As Tri began her quest to check out the giant beetle the group came upon a herd of 20 or so Yaks near the stream. The prospect of dinner was too much to ignore so the ranger Lya marked her target and took aim. Her shot was good but not good enough, the beast was crippled and its injury alerted the entire herd. Instead of running for the hills the yaks ran for the hills…The hills the party were standing on. These Yaks turned out to be Carnivorous Death Yaks and they were out for blood.

If there were maybe 3 or 4, the group would’ve stood a chance in hell, but 20? Nevertheless there weren’t many options. No foliage or trees for cover meant the only options on the menu were a meaty death or a long tenderizing death under the hooves of 2 dozen death yaks followed by a robust mauling and maybe a goring or two for desert. Working together to avoid such unappetizing prospects, Lya fired into the yaks with her firearm while Fritigern used his “fire-arm” to cover the horde in flames. With the aids of spirits, Kaim also did his best to slow there approach toppling mean down the hill by coating the ground in a slick coat of blood bubbling up from the spirit world.

Despite everyone’s efforts the hordes ranks couldn’t be thinned enough to stop impending doom until a rogue idea took Nessa. With a horned helmet Nessa donned her butler and instructed him to moo like a normal Yak as loud as he could. Apparently, Death yaks were deathly afraid of their normal cousins and even the mere sound would scare them away. As the Yerks(Jerk Yaks) closed in we all watched in amazement as the most perfect imitation of a Yak ever heard bellowed across the field. The Yaks immediately stopped in their tracks moments away from trampling the group and turned tail; those that fell earlier following suit, back into the wilderness.
“You make good noises!” Nessa said in a sultry response to the heroics we all just witnessed clearly impressed. Kaim felt the servant had the makings of a great shaman in him as the group laughed off their near death encounter.
Meanwhile, Tri was busy with her own set of heroics. The giant beetle that was spotted previously was actually under attack by an entire village worth of mummies. Changing into a crotiagle(croc mouth, tiger body, immense great eagle wings http://www.pronunciationgenerator.com/p/V11DL/crotiagle.mp3) She charges the mummies hanging at the side of the beetle in an attempt and prevent more from climbing up top.

Unfortunately for the Mummy Men, Tri was a powerful shape shifter, and the crotiagle one of her deadliest forms. With a mighty roar shifting in pitch from Trees light normal voice to a vicious roaring hiss escaping the jaws of a crocodile tiger. She lept with great speed and attacked the first mummy in sight. Her attack was vicious and swift the strength of the swiping blow hit with great strength lifting the mummy from its feet and straight over the side of the great beetle. Three were left on top with many more on the forest floor and seeing the great beast they readied their weapons, speaking in a language Tri couldn’t understand.
Her second attack was just as fast, with a gaping maw she lifted a second mummy straight into the air in order to drop it on another standing on top. In the maneuver the mummy managed to stab the beast with its spear before being dropped atop others on the beetle. Successfully toppling one over the side she morphs into her “Tri” form and with a strong jab, stabs her blade into a crevice in the beetles carapace, preventing her fall to forest floor below. Hoisting herself up to the top she was confronted by the remaining mummy men who were joined by a few others climbing up the sides.Seeing she was outnumbered Tri decides to retreat for now escaping back into the skies before her transformation depleted.

Meanwhile, the largest group had finished their meals and had scavenged what they could from the corpse of the Death Yerk. Worried about their friend, Kaim and Nessa send Shiv and Kyle to scout for Tri’s location. On their scouting journey Shiv manages to get distracted to find a meal while Kyle manages to meet up with Tri on her way back. He informs her that the spirits of the land say the creatures are big in the area and that killing them actually helps protect the ecosystem of the area . Thanking him for the information Tri makes here way back to the group to update them on her most recent heroics.

A bit of planning and conversation later the group decides to return and confront the mummies and get more information on why there were killing this giant beetle. Upon returning the group finds that the beetle has fallen and the large group of mummies had set up camp. Some were sitting nearby sharpening their weapons while others had finished setting up tents and were gathering large pieces of meat and carapace from their most recent kill.
The group debates whether to engage the people but realized the necessity when Tri reveals she had left a valuable weapon lodged in the beetles carapace which had now disappeared upon the team returning. Seeing the need to converse with the group of people, the group decides to approach peacefully and gather information while Tree finds the missing blade. The mummified people were actually intelligent and not mindless beasts they welcome the team hesitantly fearing harm but as soon as it was discerned we were peaceful the group opened up, many showing discernable positive emotion.

We learned that these people were named the Wetu. The reason they had felled the great beast was to protect the great plain’s local ecosystem. It is learned that these people are nomadic in nature and have great respect for the land. We also learn that Lya’s brother Khavir had come in contact with the people as they cringe from the sight of the necklace she shows them. In an effort to keep everyone calm we ask where her brother went and they mentioned the glass desert to the south but also that we must never go there.

Thanking them for their advice we ready to leave when Tri finally stumbles into the weapon and transforms taking the blade with her. She flies up and out of the camp, the natives raising their weapons in surprise. At first they question us while others raise their spears hurling them after her in flight. In hasty response Kaim hurls his spear at Tri, purposely missing in an attempt to show that they were not working with the magical creature that had attacked them earlier. In order to escape the situation the group promises to chase after Tri and when they meet again bring proof, here long eyebrows, if felling the creature.

With that promise the group sets after tree catching up with her not too far from camp. Relating the news didn’t exactly go over with Tri now that she has a bounty on her head but we managed to leave without any burned bridges for now. If we ever face the Wetu people again we may need to come up with a plan to prove we either succeeded or failed in retrieving the proof they requested.
After updating Tri on everything the group has learned, everyone plans to continue south towards the glass desert. As they travel they come across river rapids that they would have to fjord to continue. Deciding that crossing at the point they were on would be too dangerous the group heads south to a slower moving section . In a classic “Farmer-Fox-Chicken-and Beans” puzzle the group must figure out how to ferry what goods they have safely across the river without losing anything.

Eventually the group discovered the best approach and had Tri ferry most goods using her ability to transform until the rest of the group could wade over without much trouble.
Upon fjording the river the group decides to rest and stock up on water and rations before preparing for the desert



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